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Welcome to Springfields Florists Gateshead

Our Flower Shop is always full of fresh flowers and plants so we can always offer you a superb choice of seasonal and exotic flowers. Arranging our displays is like creating an impressionist painting of living colour with a variety of vibrant and pastel flowers to suite any mood and provide an uplifting visual display. Where sight does not provide the main stimulus,

 we create arrangements where texture and scent are more important and blend a pallette of foliage and flower textures with subtle key scen. Close your eyes for a moment and create a different sensual experience. Imagine running your fingers across the feather like foliage of cedar while the woody scent of the cedar is released and blends with the sweeter higher notes of Freesia. 

Contrast this with the texture and sound of dried foliage to envelope your senses of touch, smell and sound. Let us know and we will happily remove rose thorns to ensure the fragrance and velvet like texture of this heady princess of flowers can be enjoyed. Gateshead flower shop is air conditioned to make sure we store our flowers at the optimum temperature.